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The Tulip Tree Has Got Its Name From Its Tulip Shaped Flowers

The flowers are located at great heights and typically reach a size of 2.5 inches. The Tulip Tree produces monoecious flowers with yellow-green petals.

African Tulip Tree (Spathodea campanulata)

The corolla has a beautiful vivid orange shade. Some people find the leaves of the Tulip Tree similar to tulips too, at least with a little imagination. The leaves are four lobed and have a notch at the tip. A leaf will typically reach a length of 4-6 inches in diameter. The leaf colour is bright green and will turn yellow in autumn. >> Read More...

The Amazing History of the Fig Tree

The most famous Biblical reference to figs is that, in which Jesus cursed a fig tree for not producing any fruit for him as he passed by, a curse that killed the fig tree. (Matt 21:18)

The Jewish King, Hezekiah, was cured of a life-threatening plague by applying figs to the infected spot. (2 Kings 20)

Fig Tree

The Apostle, James, brother of Jesus, used the metaphor of the fig tree to describe the appropriate behavior that he expected to follow from Christian living. (James 3:12)

Fig leaves were used in the early church to hide the genitalia of nude, marble sculptures that adorned religious buildings. Fig trees were also used in ancient history as shade trees and to chop and use as quick start firewood.


Have a Special Garden With Anthony Fisher Pixies

These pixies are collectors’ items with a wide variety to choose from, are unique and hand crafted. Based out of Cornwall these pieces have a creative unique look -not your everyday storybook pixie. Anthony Fisher pixies have a similarity to the artistry of the traditional European fairytales.

Anthony Fisher Pixies

Each is just as unique as the name given to them. Take for example “Billy Winks Money Box” - a pixie figurine that is sleeping in his log home. Each pixie has a story that goes along with them.


Spice Up Your Herb Garden With Basil

One of the most popular herbs is Ocimum Basilicum commonly called sweet basil. Often called the ‘king of herbs,’ basil can be grown indoors or out.

Basil Basilico Ocimum

Sweet basil has inch-long, oval-pointed, dark green leaves and a clove-pepperish odour and taste. Sweet basil makes a handsome, bushy small plant, growing to a foot or more indoors.


A Few Ideas for a Pergola

A pergola makes a striking accent to any landscaping theme; not only are they eye-catching, but functional as well. Depending on their size, pergolas often become an extension of the main home, and may be used for entertaining, dining, or as a getaway or quiet oasis for reading or enjoying morning coffee.


Pergolas are a shady, garden structure whose beginnings date back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and were common features in early Renaissance gardens throughout Europe.

Their primary purpose was to provide shade on walkways, terraces or pools. The earlier versions were often constructed from stone pillars with wooden cross-beams with a lattice roof.