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Advice to Survive in the Wilderness

Realizing you are lost or stranded in the wilderness can be very scary, frustrating and confusing. If you should ever happen to you, what is the best tool to ensure survival?

Outdoor Survival

Is it your pocket knife or fire starter? No, neither of these items is. It is your mind that is your greatest asset and it can help you to survive in nearly any survival situation.


Backpacks with Wheels – a great idea that is usually lost in the implementation Who would've thought that backpacks could be a controversial area? People who buy backpacks often have strong ideas on whether to go with wheels or without wheels. Those who go without wheels – the majority – believe that backpacks with wheels are a poorly thought-out idea. Those who love those wheels can't see why you wouldn't have wheels that could make your job sometimes easy. Perhaps one problem is the way the designers of backpacks with wheels see their product. Once they put wheels on it, they seem to feel that the wheels are the highlight. They feel they don't need to try as hard with the rest of the bag anymore. Those who design regular backpacks on the other hand, have no real "special feature" to boast about. And so, they put a lot of thought into designing a bag that serves people in practical and important ways – the right kind of compartments and so on. If designers of backpacks with wheels could only get over their wheels, they might be able to design something good that could change how people think about these backpacks. Wheeled backpacks could take over the market manufacturers could only make them perfect for every need. For instance, wheels on a backpack tend to take up space. The pullout handles that these backpacks have add weight and take up room as well. People buy backpacks primarily to carry on their backs. They don't buy them to wheel along behind them. Not primarily so. The wheels are secondary.  When customers who comes in to shop for a backpack finds that all those with wheels that are on offer are somewhat larger and heavier than those without wheels, they right away are going to favor the smaller non-wheeled types. It's only natural that they would do that, because backpacks, primarily, are meant to be carried on the back. You just need to take a look at the user reviews on Amazon to see how even the major manufacturers often slip up when making backpacks with wheels. Customers commenting on the Samsonite Unisex model for instance, hate how large the backpack is. Apparently, Samsonite thought that since they were putting wheels on it, they might as well make use of those wheels by making the backpack extra-large. Customers complain about how the wheels are noisy and how the pullout handle doesn't seem strong enough to carry the weight. And this is Samsonite! In general, if you're looking for backpacks with wheels, try JanSport or Nike. These models seem often to be the best thought-after ones.

If you are taking the family camping, your children could be very excited, or they could be bored with the idea. You can make a camping trip more exciting for them if you get them their own kids camping gear. Children with their own gear have more fun when out in the woods or at a campgroundand are more excited about the prospect of going with the family for a camping trip. This makes them feel like they are more involved in the trip, and most kids like to have things that are their own size and that are made just for them. Start out by getting them their own tent, if you think they are old enough to sleep in one on their own. You can get one for all the kids to sleep together if you have more than one. Some family tents have separate areas for kids to sleep, but most kids like to have their very own tent. These do not have to be very expensive. They come in bright, fun colors and themes just for kids. Get one that is water proof or resistant, just like the one you are using. Some are just for backyard fun rather than camping in the woods. Camping gear for kids can also be things that your kids will use for recreation. There are things like fishing rods made just for little ones that have not a lot of experience with fishing just yet. You can also get them some outdoor games that they can take with them when you all go camping. Look for items that are easy to carry and won't get lost. You don't want to spend money on things that won't make it through even one trip in one piece. Some other camping gear that you may want to get them could be their own camping chair. This is much like the one that you use, but made just for them. They are smaller and more compact. You can get them their own water bottles, colorful plates and other items for eating that is just their size. It may not seem like a huge issue, but if they have their own stuff for eating and daily activities that they can be responsible for, they are going to have more fun. Make them also responsible for cleaning up their own items. They may not do it well at home, but might enjoy it while camping. It is not fun to take kids camping if they do not want to be there, but family time and memories are going to mean a lot to them when they are older. Kids camping items and other things you can get for them, are going to make these trips more fun for everyone. They are useful whether camping in tents or in a camper. The point is to have fun getting away together no matter where you go or how you choose to relax with them.

Okay, typically everyone loves sleeping bags. At least at some point in their lives. After all, the mere concept of a sleeping bag is totally fun. It makes many people think of sleep-overs, camping trips, or just plain camping out on the living room floor and staying up late. Needless to say, sleeping bags are much nicer than they were back in the day. These days you have plenty of choices and many different levels of backpack sleeping bags, mummy bags, down sleeping bags and kids' themed products. A few websites that should not be overlooked are SportsmansGuide.com, REI.com and CheaperThanDirt.com. These sites all offer a grand array of backpack sleeping bags to consider. These are geared toward both women and men, as well as children of various ages. However, one of the first things you should consider when shopping around for a sleeping bag is what you will be using it for. For instance, if you plan on going camping, think about where you are headed. This can make all the difference. For instance, if the climate is hot, then you will not need a heavy down-filled sleeping bag, but rather a thin bag that is ventilated well. There are many different brands and styles of backpack sleeping bags. While some people use these inside tents, other individuals simply roll them out on the ground or dirt. This is certainly something to keep in mind when you go to purchase one. The exterior will need to be fairly durable if you plan on sleeping on the ground with it. After all, you do not want small twigs, sticks, and rocks poking you all night. Furthermore, you do not want bugs and insects burrowing through the bag. Therefore you may need to look at sleeping bags with tough canvas exteriors. These are very durable. The cost of backpack sleeping bags certainly varies a great deal. While you can likely find a cheap sleeping bag, do not expect it to be very good. Many avid campers and outdoorsmen spend money on their sleeping bags to ensure that they are durable and of high quality. These backpack sleeping bags will function well and literally last a lifetime. Also, if you are camping in a frigid climate, you will likely need a nice sleeping bag with a substance like down or Gortex lining. This will help to keep you warm throughout the night. Cotton bags will not do.

Camping can be a very relaxing and exhilarating experience, but if you go with the wrong equipment, you aren’t going to have much fun. Most people will go camping at a campground or even in their own back yard and they don’t have to worry too much about the choice of equipment as long as it is useful. However, there are some who like to camp out in the middle of nowhere and getting the wrong essentials can spell big problems. One thing that is very important to consider is to have the right backpacking tent. When hiking, you have to be in good shape. When you add camping to the mix, getting around can get more of a struggle. That is why the proper backpacking tent is essential. If you buy one that is too heavy, it is going to slow you down quite dramatically and you are going to be tired long before you find the best spot to camp. That means a backpacking tent has to be as light as possible, but it still have to be a good one. This can make choosing a little hard. There are backpacking tents that are made of very light materials that can fold up compact to go into the backpack or attach to it in some way rather easily. These days some great materials are available which are used for backpacking tents. You can find one made just for that purpose. They should be compact when being transported, but they should also be able to withstand any type of weather that may come your way. You may be able to carry one easily, but will it do the job when you need protection the most? One of the best things you can do about your tent is to learn how to use it before you go camping. You don’t want to be in the middle of the woods at night unable to figure out how to manage your tent. Also make sure you add waterproofing, even if these tents are supposed to be water tight. You also don’t want to be surprised to find your tent is not as waterproof as you thought it might be. It’s always best to take extra precautions when camping and hiking, and taking care of your tent is one of the first things to consider.