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Family Holidays: Tips for Peace and Harmony

Family Holiday

Whatever you enjoy, family holidays are a chance for everyone in the family to get reacquainted and spend quality time together. It's a chance to talk to your children and find out what's going on in their lives.

It's important to keep the communication lines open and a family holiday is a good opportunity to do that. Having a good relationship with them is one of the most important factors in keeping children out of trouble.


When looking for packages, first identify what you really want

Plans for one of the most important days in your life should not be limited to only the wedding day, but should also be for your honeymoon. Couples should look at all the different packages available and find the best one that suits their interests, needs and also their budget.

Cruise Package

Some couples might already have something in mind, but for those who are having it difficult to decide, here are a few ideas to help plan your dream honeymoon.


An Exciting Adventure Vacation is Just a Click Away What level of adventure vacation is right for you? You need to ask yourself this question before booking your travel plans. What constitutes an adventure vacation for one person may be a lot more than another can handle. You need to take into consideration your age and any physical limitations you may have before embarking on a rigorous adventure vacation. When most people think of an adventure vacation they think of a safari in Africa. There are many different types of safaris and even luxury safaris, which sort of cuts down on the adventure part. Many tour operators run guided tours and safaris through game reserves in Africa. Kenya is one of the most popular countries to go to and you get to go through Masai Mara National Reserve in Land Rovers, clicking away with your digital camera. You will see lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos as they trek from the Serengeti through the massive park. Alaska is a great destination for an adventure vacation and there are several ways to go. You can travel by rail if you want (www.alaskarailtours.com) or fly over the Denali in a private plane, spotting polar bears from the air (www.alaskadenalitours.com). The weather can change drastically from day to night to day so bring lots of clothing that you can layer on and peel off in a hurry. The wildlife is abundant and you will see caribou, wolves, bears and eagles all living in their natural habitats. There are several Central America countries that offer adventure vacation packages. Most people go to U.S. friendly countries such as Panama, Belize or Costa Rica, but you can also find great low-cost adventure vacation packages in Nicaragua. An adventure vacation in any of these beautiful countries usually includes some time spent in the natural rain forests. You can kayak through lush rivers, zip line through the jungle canopy or hike through ages-old forests. All of these countries also offer dive adventure vacations where you can skin dive onto pristine reefs and underwater caves. Sport fishing is abundant on the coast and you can spend the day wrestling giant marlin or swordfish. In Costa Rica there is one tour guide that takes you on a river boat trip then gets out and feeds giant crocodiles by hand near the Tarcoles Bridge, also known as the Crocodile Bridge because of the hundreds of crocs that swim there. This crazy adventure tour guide takes raw chicken parts out of a bucket and actually tosses them into the mouths of wild crocodiles that are at least fifteen feet long. If your budget allows and you are fit enough, you can do some mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps or the Himalayas. For these types of adventure vacations you really need to be prepared and take some mountain climbing classes. If this does sound right for you then you will be amazed by the total experience of attempting something that relatively few [...]

Looking For Adventure? Try Rafting Vacations You can go on a vacation and lie on the beach all day long, but for some people, this is not the ideal vacation. Some people like to relax, which is the traditional meaning of a vacation for most people, but some like to have adventures. This is sometimes referred to as adventure travel. If you want something more out of your vacation, think about things like rafting vacations. You can go away, have fun and remain active. You should come home relaxed, happy, and with a ton of great stories to tell. You have to go to the right spot, but there are plenty of rafting destinations out there. One thing that you have to have to enjoy rafting vacations is a sense of adventure. This is not a vacation for the timid. Rafting is often very fun and quite exhilarating. There are two general types of rafting vacations from which you can choose. One is white water rafting, which is the most active, most dangerous, and probably the most commonly chosen. There is also calm water rafting, which may be more of something you do not your own without a specific group. Both can be found as packages, but the white water rafting is far more common. If you are looking for exercise, rafting vacations are for you. However, this is not something you want to do when you are out of shape and have not done a lot of exercise. Not only is this more of a workout than most people do on any given day, you have to have great arm strength and endurance. You are not going to be active for only thirty minutes, it could be hours. Some rafting vacations take you down long rivers, which may take an entire day. You will be required to physically handle this or you could be hurt, or hurt others in your party. When you feel you are in good physical shape, you still want to warm up for your rafting vacation. This is going to be a fun and exciting experience, but you should always prepare. You want to make sure you get into cardio workouts, but you also want to work your arms. Think about things like rowing machines and free weights to get your arms where they should be. Your arms will be tired and worn out after rafting vacations, but the pain and recovery time will be less if you take some time to work out your arms before you go. You can find rafting vacations where there is moving water and rivers, which are throughout great countries. You just have to decide for how long you want to go, how far from home you are willing to travel, and what scenery would be most fitting for your rafting vacations and experiences. There are great deals available and many a countryside to see, so search around. You'll find the vacation of a lifetime just waiting for you.

If you want to spoil yourself this summer, Dubai luxury will fill the bill! If you want to experience the opulence of the Arab peninsula, its artistry, its wealth, the Arabian dream in the modern world, you'll head for Dubai this summer, and get a taste of Dubai luxury that's bound to stay with you for the rest of your life. Of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Dubai is the most modern, on par with New York, London, and Paris when it comes to luxury. It's quickly becoming a favorite among tourists throughout the world. Once a fishing town on the Persian Gulf, it has become an Arabian point of pride. In 1959 Dubai was governed by Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktourn, who had a vision of a Dubai bristling with skyscrapers, paved with modern roads, a place to do business, a place with opportunity, not only for the people of the U.A.E., but for international concerns as well. His dream has now become a reality and a jewel. He began by scrapping out wharves, where once there had been just a creek, and brought new shipping businesses to his town. He followed up with new homes, new schools, and sports centres such as golf and tennis courts -- where today, the world pros play. With opportunities abounding, new investments came, American-style malls, luxury hotels, and man-made islands. Today, an eight-lane highway cuts through the middle of the city, skyscrapers standing elegantly on each side. In those skyscrapers are international businesses, enjoying Dubai luxury in the coolness of their air-conditioned offices. A truly multi-cultural city, seven out of eight people are foreigners. Over 150 different countries are represented by the population. Many of them working in this fresh, young city - many more simply enjoy Dubai luxury as one of the millions of tourists who come to the city to treat themselves to the mega-malls, beaches and glamorous hotels that have come to represent Dubai luxury at its best. From a quiet desert town along the Persian Gulf, Dubai has become the most exciting place in the Arab world. It didn't happen all at once. In the last twenty years, it has grown into a realized dream. This rapid growth is the result of Dubai's welcoming and favourable attitude to business growth and investment. To encourage business growth, Dubai declared 'free' zones, where businesses are exempt from both customs and taxes. Particularly attractive to international businesses, is the freedom to transfer funds. Business and tourism are Dubai's greatest source of income now, not the oil that started flowing from its land in 1966. Oil only represents 6 percent of its GDP. Here's an Arab city that's proof that Arabs know how to make capitalism work for them. Built to host the well-to-do, it has becomes their destination for both business and recreation. Dubai has become famous for its duty-free shopping malls, its diversity of restaurants, the friendly people, its pubs, theatres, and gorgeous sandy beaches. [...]