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Home Security

It's often the simplest things that you should do to keep your home and your family safe. These are things that most people know they should do, but they think that nothing is going to happen. That is usually when things happen. Always keep your entry doors locked, even when you are at home. You should always remove the keys from your car and keep that locked as well. Those living in safe areas think that they do not need to do these things, but the house that is unlocked is the one that gives someone looking to gain entry just what they need. They would rather walk through an open door than to break something to get in. If you want to stay safe in your home, but you are not sure that you want to sign up for home security monitoring, there are some things that you can do on your own that may help you sleep better at night. Feeling safe in your home is more important than just about anything else in your life, because without a safe place to live, nothing will seem right. There are some things that work well if you do some research. There are inexpensive items that will turn your home into that peaceful, safe place where you and your children can feel at home. Other home security tips include keeping your windows locked. This may not be something you have to worry about during the day, but you should have them locked when you are sleeping or away from home. Some windows do not offer easy access, but some of the windows in your home are open invitations to thieves. You can buy small alarms that go off if the windows are opened, which can also double as a way to keep track of your teens if they have gotten into the habit of slipping in or out after bedtime. You can find the same type of alarms to go on doors and basement windows as well. If you live in an area that you do not consider safe, you can get window bars for your first floor windows. These are not pretty in many cases, but it really depends on how badly you think you need them. Do not forget the basement windows or garage windows. There are special safety windows and other items you can get for these areas. Second floor windows generally don't need these; however it does depend on access. Look to see if they are accessible from the outside, and if they are, take the same precautions. Some people find that motion sensors in outdoor lighting help tremendously and do not leave them feeling so closed in. These will turn on and flood the area with light the moment motion is detected. These are often very effective. Don't forget simple things like lights. When you are away from home, timers can turn lights on and off in your home so it looks like you are [...]

With crime being more present than ever these days, it always pays off to protect yourself. Although there are police officers and others out there who uphold the law, you never know when something may happen and they aren’t around. To protect yourself, there are several products and forms of protection that you can get. Among the many products available to you, is something known as pepper spray - which is one of the most common forms of self-protection. Personal protection products such as pepper spray will work a lot better and yield the most power when you have full belief in yourself. When you have belief in yourself, you will trust your senses, pay attention to what is going on around you, believe in your natural ability to defend yourself and show people that you can defend yourself. Although personal protection products are great to have, you need to believe in yourself in order to use them properly. Protecting yourself is something you simply must do these days. Over the years, personal protection products have become a way of life, with pepper spray being among the most popular and best forms of protection. When used properly, pepper spray can stop humans from attacking quickly and safely. It’s also useful with dogs as well. It comes in an aerosol form, is easy to use, and can stop most attackers in a matter of seconds. The active ingredient found in pepper spray is OC (Oleoresin Capsicum). The spray comes in 10% or 15%, with a heat rating of 2 million. OC is non-toxic, non-flammable, and comes from the well-known cayenne peppers. When used as a spray, OC acts as an inflammatory agent, causing immediate dilation of the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes - resulting in constricted breathing and temporary blindness. Although it doesn’t lead to death, the effects will last up to 45 minutes, and make attackers feel as if they are dying. The effects will take place immediately, giving victims plenty of time to escape and seek help. The use of pepper spray is completely legal, although there are certain rules and restrictions that you must follow. As you may already know, you can’t carry pepper spray or any other form of self-defence on airplanes. There are also some states that will prevent the use of pepper spray, while others require that you have a FID (Firearms Identification Card) to own or use the spray. To be on the safe side, you should always check with local state regulations before you purchase any form of self-defence product, such as pepper spray. When you are out and about, pepper spray is easy to hide. Women normally keep it in their purse. If you plan to carry it in your purse, always make sure that it is easy to access, with nothing in the way. You can also carry it in your pocket or in your coat as well, where you can easily reach it in a moment’s notice. An attack can [...]

Great Entertaining Ways for Better Home Security When I look at some product reviews these days - cars, flat screens, laptops, I'm surprised to see how they often first start talking about how they look. Cars have to be sleek, flat screens have to be sleeker, and laptops have to be thin and shiny. At first, I thought that abandoning any pretence of a serious review by starting with the looks was a little laughable. But then, it occurred to me that to most people (and I grudgingly include myself in this category), any kind of purchase has to look the part. I mean, people rave about the iPhone, even if it doesn't have very good call quality. A phone is to speak on; and the iPhone has issues in that area. So why bring this all up to explain home security? It's just that this is a new theory that's doing the rounds with security experts. Whatever it is about your stuff that you love the most, is what attracts the thieves too. If you could, dowdy up your most valued stuff with something that would discourage potential thieves from sizing it up. To people who have a passionate interest in keeping their home intruder free when they are out on vacation, the best home security system they can afford is sometimes not enough. In some ways, it seems too easy to simply throw money at the problem. To get creative, why not go for the "previously broken into" look. What you do is, right before you leave on a vacation, tear through your home to make it look like it got hit by a hurricane. Pull drawers out and spill their contents. Empty cupboards on the floor, toss mattresses on the floor, and leave a couple of useless looking pieces of electronic stuff, old computers and the like, in plain sight. The hope is that should a burglar come in, he's going to think right away that this house has been hit already. He's going to look at the worthless electronic stuff on display, and decide that this isn't a house worth robbing. This actually does work as a home security measure. But there are other ways to protect your stuff too. As awful as it sounds, there actually is a kind of fringe following for this method of property protection. Let's say that you have a bike that costs something like $2000. You know that taking it apart and tying it to a lamppost doesn't always work. So what you do is you take a piece of sandpaper, and liberally apply its effects all over to destroy its look; you slash the seat a bit and tie it up with masking tape. Park it out in plain sight on a bike rack on any street, and no thief is going to take a look at it because he knows it's not marketable. It will drive like the top of the range bike it is, but it will [...]

Whether you ponder the issue much or not, home security is essential in the age we live. We all have to take it upon ourselves to secure our humble abodes from those who mean us harm. In reality, there's no way of knowing when or why a sudden break-in could occur. Even those who reside in nice neighbourhoods can be afflicted with crime. One way of arming your home from intruders is with ADT security systems. This trusted global company can be relied on from every thing such as perimeter alarms to immediate response vehicles. It's high time you felt safe again in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to secure your house and sleep sound at night. For those who want to go all-out when arming their home, ADT security packages are a great place to start. This well-respected security company offers great deals for home alarm systems, which are available when you access ADT's websites online. The basic security package would include a Control Unit, Touchpad/Motion Detector/Interior Sounder, Alarm Activating Deadbolt Sensors, Transformer and Battery Backup, Police, Fire and One Additional Custom Preset Emergency Number Button, Three iFob System Reset Keys, Window Decals and also a Yard Sign. That's quite a bit of security for a mere 99 dollars. Of course, there are more expensive options to select from, but this is an excellent security package to get started with, on a budget. Naturally, you will encounter plenty of options when it comes to home security measures. One of the major security companies, other than ADT security, is Brinks. You can see their website and investigate their package deals further if needed. However, they won't offer you a better deal than ADT security. If you choose not to go with a professional home security service, then you should at least follow a few imperative measures. Ever door coming into your home should be equipped with a deadbolt; preferably a double key entry deadbolt. This way the intruder would need the key to circumvent the lock. Also, consider simple window alarms. These are great for alerting you if someone attempts to open a window. And finally, invest in a few outdoor floodlights with motion detectors. This way you can keep an eye on whatever stirs in your yard and driveway. Stay safe!