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Planting Trees and Shrubs Flowers and small plants are nice, but they do not have the beauty or the longevity of trees and shrubs. If you want some privacy on your property, and if you want to invest some money in making your home look better, planting some shrubs and trees is definitely the way to go. Though you may spend more on these items than you would on plants and flowers, they are going to last so much longer. Trees can grow forever, or at least until you have to cut them down, but in many cases, they are going to outlive you. Your shrubs are going to last a long time too.You don't want to plant trees and shrubs if you do not own the property, unless you ask the owner for permission. There are special rules about trees when you live in town, and your landlord may not want the long term responsibility of taking care of trees. An unhealthy tree can come down in heavy snow, ice, or during a heavy wind storm. If that happens, the tree can cause damage to property, which is a very costly experience. If you do own your own home, think about those things when you want to plant trees. While trees and shrubs can add privacy and beauty when you live in the middle of town, trees can become liabilities. The most beautiful trees have had to be cut down in many areas because they were simply too close to homes or they were too close to the power lines to be trimmed safely. You can have trees; just put some thought into where you are going to plant trees and shrubs so that they are not more of a problem in years to come. Shrubs are a great way to get some privacy and they will have a long lifespan as well. Just make sure you understand the nature of the shrubs you want to buy. Some grow upwards, but others grow upwards and outwards, meaning they may end up taking up more space than you had originally allowed for them. Trees and shrubs both require room to grow. You have to plant your shrubs away from each other at first, but rest assure that they will fill in the spaces within a few years and you will have your natural privacy barrier. Trees and shrubs do require upkeep. This includes pruning, which must be done once a year for trees. For shrubs you may be pruning them a few times a growing season. They grow better and fill in better when pruned and may grow in random directions if not trimmed back properly. If you do not know how to prune, or find it too hard to do, you can ask someone who knows how to prune them for you. Otherwise, there could only be some other small expenses involved and should not stop you from planting trees or shrubs - they are hearty and beautiful. The [...]

When it comes to sprucing up your garden, there are so many options to consider. However, this is a good thing. Once you have your own home with a yard and garden, there is no limit to what you can do and how you can make it look. All you need to get started is a little imagination, some trees, garden shrubs and plants. Once you get in the mood, there will likely be no stopping you at any point. The good news is that all of these things are so easy to come by these days. You will not have to look far for some gorgeous plants, flowers, bushes and trees to make your yard or property the way you want it. Where do you shop around for what you need? This is no big secret. Especially when their are home improvement stores and nurseries on every corner these days. Depending on where it is you reside, there is likely to be a number of options to choose from when in the market for trees, flowers, sod, garden shrubs and plants. Furthermore, much of these supplies do not cost much money, which is always a plus. Especially in an economy like the one we are in today. The more money you can save when fixing up your lawn and garden the better. This way you can essentially have you cake and eat it too. Not everyone likes to go out and explore all of the local garden centres, home improvement stores and nurseries. This is not a problem anymore. Nowadays there are online stores and websites that can assist you with getting all of the baby trees, flowers, garden shrubs and plants you are interested in. The first thing you should do is put some thought into the way you would like to landscape your property. Then you can work on creating a design for your front and backyard. In no time, you will have a good idea of where you want to put flowers, trees, garden shrubs and plants. If you prefer to shop online, then you have to check out websites like WhiteFlowerFarm.com and AmericanMeadows.com. These are all very helpful sites that can lead you to the various trees, flowers, garden shrubs and plants you are interested in for your landscaping ideas. The key is to really sort through all of the plants, flowers and trees that each vendor has to offer. This way you can then get a picture of what each one will look like as part of your lawn or garden. If you are uncertain about any prices, be sure to make inquiries. You may also want to inquire about shipping and handling fees if you are uncertain.