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Gordon’s Bay, Strand and Somerset West

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Tell us about special achievements such as Sport, Scholars, Art, Life Saving, Crime Prevention etc. Functions / Events i.e. Church Bazaars, Potjie Kos Competions, Wine Tasting, Entertainment etc. Tributes to Community Services – Fire Fighting, Welfare, Animal Welfare, Medical Institutions etc.

Somerset West Police

SA Police:

Men and Women who keep us and our children safe, fight an endless battle against crime such as drugs, burglaries, accidents, violence, murder and much more!

Fire Department

Fire Department:

They are always on standby to fight raging fires. Most of the time it is in very difficult and dangerous circumstances. The sad fact is that many times these fires are caused by humans!


Churches / Congregations:

These denominations play a big role in society. We need spiritual guidance in our daily life, whether it is in good spirit, difficult times, sickness or losing loved ones.



Schools / Colleges / Universities – from toddler to degree. Our Teachers and Tutors have a very important role to educate our young generation for the future.



Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics. Day and night they ensure our well being. From the common flu to serious and at times life threating injuries or medical conditions – they are always there for any emergency.



These days every community is in need of people who care about other human beings and animals. Most of the time there services are voluntary. Let us support them and their outreaches.

Emergency Services:

They are on standby 24/7 for any emergency. The people of these organisations form an important link to save lives and protect our property.

Gordons Bay Traffic Department

Traffic Department:

Do we really appreciate “Traffic Cops” for their role everyday to ensure our roads are safe? They are much more then the guys we look out for when we are speeding!

Sea Rescue

Sea Rescue:

The Sea is unpredictable and people can suddenly end up in life threatening situations. Many lives have been saved by Life Guards and Sea Rescue units, especially during holiday seasons.

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