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Dealing With Barren Trees

One of the most frustrating things that can possibly happen to someone who has slaved for hours and hours in growing a fruit tree, is the unexplainable barrenness that can sometimes occur when there should be plenty of fresh fruit.

Barren Trees

Generally, the inability to produce can be caused by a number of factors. Sometimes the tree is simply too young. If your tree is less than four years old, you shouldn’t expect it to be producing yet.

If it has reached 4 years and there is still no sign of fruit, then you should consider other factors that might be causing the barrenness.

If the tree is undergoing any type of water stress (this can be poor drainage, too much water, or too little water), then it will have trouble growing and producing fruit.

If you suspect this is the case, evaluate your watering technique – compare it with the needs of the tree to see if it could be the cause. Always be on the lookout for any diseases or pest damages. If your tree is constantly being molested by all kinds of little creatures, then you can’t expect it to be lively enough to produce fruit.

If your tree blooms but still doesn’t produce any fruit, this could be because of cold temperatures during the bloom. The coldness damaged the flower bud or damaged the baby fruit.

Aesthetically the tree may look fine, but the inside could be damaged beyond any hope of ever seeing fruit. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in this case except for wait until next year and hope that it doesn’t happen again.

If the tree’s pollination process has not been fully completed, it could have troubles growing fruit. If you planted different varieties, you may find that the requirements are different than you had originally thought and they were incompatible.

In this case, you need to replant the correct combinations. If you are struggling with a plant that is not being cooperative, you should consult an expert gardener.

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