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Plant Trees

The Need To Plant Trees

Trees are undeniably beautiful in most settings. Cities seem cleaner and more inviting if someone takes the time to plant trees. The country setting that so many love is serene and secluded because the silent beauty of the tree.


Today, we have less trees than ever and with our expanding cities and populations, as well as the increased need for wood and other products, more are being cut down. If you want to plant trees in or around your property, or in other places for that matter, you can add beauty and even well-being to your life.

When planting trees on your own property, you can do pretty much whatever you want, but you do have some things to consider. Trees near your home can look great, but you don’t want something that may blow down and take out your house in a bad storm.

Think about that when choosing planting spots. You also have to think about electrical wires that may be running over your yard or your property. If you are a renter, always ask the landlord before you start planting trees. They may have areas that are okay, or not want trees for some reason.

You can plant trees just because you like how they look, but there are other reasons. One would be privacy. Some like to have trees so that their yard is not bare to the world. They are not as good as fences for complete privacy, but they can help and look a whole lot better than a fence in the long run.

You can also plant trees strategically so that they are not going to endanger your home, but so that they can offer you some much needed shade in the summer. Trees planted in the right spots can cut down on heating and cooling bills. Most people do not know that.


People have been known to plant trees in honour of someone else. This can be done for someone that is living, but also in honour of someone who has passed on. Some families will plant a tree on their own land when a child is born.

That tree grows with their child. Others plant trees when someone has died. They can see the tree grow and think of the person they lost each time they see it. It can be a nice living reminder of someone that was very close to you and that you miss very much. Evergreens are great for these reasons, but you can plant any tree that you want.


If you want to plant trees on a larger basis, talk with leaders in your community about parks and other areas in your community that would be great places to plant trees. These trees can help stop erosion, can make an area worth more money and can add infinite beauty in the right spot.

Planting trees is always a good idea, as long as you put them in the right spot. Best of all, they make oxygen and take in the carbon dioxide you breath out, so think about the air quality all around you improving.

Yet another great reason is just to get out and plant a tree for some exercise!

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