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Water Conservation in the Yard

Saving Water in the Yard Often you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone! That can really be true with water. Taken for granted when it is plentiful, its importance is truly appreciated in the garden once it becomes scarce.

If you find yourself in a drought, there are some things you can do to help conserve water and make the best use of what you have available.… Read More

Water Pollution

This year, my school has had the theme of water. We have studied the water cycle, learned about water resources and most recently, read about water pollution. I used to picture water pollution as a pretty simple phenomenon.

I thought most of it was industrial pollution dumped into the waterways where it would kill fish, aquatic plants and hurt the ecosystem.… Read More

Rainwater Collection System

Something that is not really new, but may be new to you, is to collect rainwater for later use. People have been capturing and using rainwater for a long time, but today you can find systems that are more complex and useful than ever before.

Most people use barrels to gather rainwater, but you can buy all types of neat systems now that can save more water and also make things much easier once it has been set up.… Read More

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a serious environmental problem that affects everyone from the industrial farmer to the small, private gardener. Although soil does naturally erode over time, usually there are other forces in play which replenish the soil. Rocks gradually wear down through wind and rain into fresh soil which replenishes that which is washed away into the oceans.… Read More

Wildlife Habitats

Earth Wildlife Habitats and the their Ecosystems In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on environmental conservation. Wildlife habitats have not been spared from the on-going destruction of natural environment by mankind.

A large number of animal and plant species are already on the endangered list and many continue to be added.… Read More