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Is There Any Advantage in Germinating Seeds Hydroponically? Hydroponically germinating seeds has several advantages over using soil to do the same job. This is the best way to avoid many common diseases because the hydroponic medium is clean. Soil may contain insects or fungus that can harm vulnerable seedlings.

Using a good hydroponic growing system is also a good way to avoid root rot.… Read More

Hydroponics Water Culture System

There are Various Types of Hydroponic Systems The types of  Hydroponics DIY systems are, Water culture, Wick, Ebb and flow, Dripper, Aeroponic and Nutrient Film technique. DIY homemade hydroponic systems must offer the following for optimal growth – Light, Air, Water, Nutrients, Heat and Room for the roots to spread. Wick System:

The Wick system is the simplest type of hydroponic system.… Read More

Dispelling Those Common Misconceptions about Hydroponics

One common misconception about hydroponics is that is a new fangled, fashionable trend. Actually, it has been practiced for centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians used hydroponics to grow their food. Great strides have been made in the field since the 1970s, when agriculturalists began studying it in earnest as an alternate means of food production, which perhaps is the reason behind so many people thinking it is a new invention.… Read More

Hydroponics Gardening

Many gardeners are getting into Hydroponics for different reasons. These gardens can be small and easily be grown inside. They are perfect for most vegetables, especially the red tomato. The equipment required is not expensive and they are relatively easy to manage.

Hydroponics gardening is the growing of plants without soil, in other words, “dirtless gardening”.… Read More