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Learning about Photography

Learning about photography does not mean that you have to take a class, but you can if you want to. Most community colleges offer some type of photography classes, as well as local community or art centers.


You can find some classes about photography online as well and learn some basics about framing shots, how to make each and every shot you take more interesting and memorable.

You don’t have to be a professional to get better shots that capture the moments in a way that leaves you feeling good inside. If you look through your family photos and wish that they were better, you may want to learn about photography.

There are many common mistakes that amateur photographers make that leave family memories something to be desired. Instead of snapping away randomly the next time you see something you want to save forever, use some simple tips to get better pictures.

One thing to learn about photography is framing. Some people want to get the entire body of someone in every shot. While this can be nice to showcase someone’s wedding dress or to get scenery into a shot, this does not always show memorable detail in some pictures.

You should learn how to use your zoom and how to stand closer to get the shots you want. Think about seeing someone’s face and eyes as being more important than the full body. Even a picture of a face so close that some hair is cut out of the shot is a good idea for portrait type pictures.

Another thing to learn is how to frame a shot in regards to what is most important to the picture. Some people cut off heads, or leave the main idea of the pictures so far off to one side; they later look at the picture and cannot remember why they took it.

Instead, learn about photography that you always frame the center of the object in the middle of the shot (except if you want to create special effects). You can use some leeway with this, but you should make sure what you are shooting is apparent in the picture.

Focus and lighting are also important. These are things that are going to take some time to learn, and thankfully, today’s digital cameras can take some of the guesswork out of it for you. Look for shadows covering your subjects, or sun that is directly behind subjects. Those will ruin your pictures.

Use the automatic focus on your camera if you have one, which means your pictures will be in focus no matter what else happen. There is so much more to learn about photography and though it’ll take some time, you’ll enjoy your memories even more after you have taken time to study and learn.

Remember that you can take pictures with a digital camera and save only the ones you want, so experimenting with your pictures does not have to cost you an arm and a leg in film.


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