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Baobab Bonsai

Grow Amazing Bonsai from the Baobab Tree!

In nature, the Baobab is at risk of going extinct due to predation from animals like elephants. Baobab trees grow in Africa and are one of the world’s most unusual looking trees.

Baobab Trees

There are many legends revolving around the Baobab tree, among one of the most common being that the tree was cast down from heaven and grew upside down, as the canopy branches of the tree often look like roots. As the tree loses its leaves in the winter season, this characteristic is predominate during this time.

Baobab Tree

Baobab bonsai are one of the world’s most fascinating bonsai. Domestically, many people try to grow at least one Baobab bonsai in their collection due to their odd appearance.

If you are intending on keeping a Baobab bonsai, there are several things that you will need to remember. First, these trees are extremely sensitive to temperature. They will not thrive in cold places.

Many growers have witnessed a tree die within several days due to quick exposure to low temperatures. If you live an area where it gets cold, it is vital that you store the bonsai somewhere the plant can remain warm throughout the winter season.

Baobab Bonsai

The Baobab bonsai should receive no water at all during the winter to prevent root causing your plant to die.

The most challenging aspect of caring for a Baobab bonsai, aside from taking care to water it properly, is that these trees take a very long time to grow. You will not get instant results from this type of bonsai tree.

You will need to take your time and carefully plan your bonsai design and realize that these trees may take well over ten years before you will see results.

However, once designed, they make an excellent part of any bonsai collection. As they are fairly easy to care for as long as you pay attention to the plant’s dormancy period. Growers of any level can enjoy this tree.

If you are interested in growing Baobab bonsai, there are several things that you can do to acquire one. First, you can attempt to grow your own from a seed. Seeds can be purchased online or from specialty vendors.

Seedlings and already designed bonsai can also be purchased, although shipping this type of plant can be dangerous if you are shipping during the dormancy period or to a place that has lower temperatures.


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