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Bug Control Options if the Frightening Side Effects of Regular Repellents Concerns You

What with the terrible news abroad of all the dengue fever occurrences in Florida? There are many who are very worried about how best to secure themselves and their families.


The thing about bug control with mosquitoes is that these insects completely occupy the outdoors. It no longer becomes possible to relax on a Sunday evening on the patio with friends and family; you can no longer take your children out to play in the park; and you certainly can’t leave the window open in the bedroom.

Mosquitoes have a way of finding their way in by the smallest opening, and you become a prisoner in your own home. Dengue and the West Nile virus, two frighteningly disastrous infections that mosquitoes bring, need to be kept out at all costs; but what if the cost is the very health you are trying to protect?

Most mosquito repellents are formed of an active chemical ingredient known as DEET. Without this potent element, most protective mosquito creams would not be possible. And yet DEET comes with some unhealthy effects of its own – damage to the nervous system, birth defects and even skin rashes.

If you have bug control clothing impregnated with permethrin, DEET makes your body absorb that poison a lot more, and you end up with memory loss, headaches and anything else you could think of.

If you thought that you were willing to put up with all of this if only you could achieve a reasonable level of control in your life, you’re in for a surprise. Mosquitoes are beginning to grow impervious to DEET, the one real deterrent we have.

So, what choices do you have except the poisonous DEET? The CDC has just put out a list of possible safe alternatives that you could use over industrial poisons.


Picaridin: – This is the active ingredient in condiment pepper. There was a study done on pepper a while ago and they found that mosquitoes hated pepper even more than DEET. Especially, the mosquitoes that carry dengue. Find mosquito repellent with Picaridin, and you should be set.

IR3535: – Does this code sound vaguely familiar? It just might if you’re in the habit of poring over the neat printed ingredients list on cosmetics tubes. Avon Skin So Soft is at least one mainstream cosmetics brand that uses this ingredient.

It is an amino acid, and it’s been used in Europe for decades. The best thing is, this nearly natural chemical is as effective against mosquitoes as DEET, especially the one that carries the West Nile virus.

Soy Oil: – If products with these ingredients seem to be hard to come by, there is a last surprise option at your disposal. Studies find that it’s the best option you can ever have.

There is no way that it can harm you, it’s available everywhere, and there can be no side effects.


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