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Camping Cots

I have a love/hate relationship with camping. I love to be outdoors, and I love the idea of spending that time with friends and family away from modern distractions, but the idea of sleeping on the ground is not something that gets me excited.

Camping Cot

This comes from past experience, and the knowledge that my back doesn’t like my bed on some nights. Laying on the ground to sleep is something that guarantees that I will be in a lot of pain the next day.

Recently, someone suggested that I look into a camper, which I won’t do, or perhaps I should consider getting camping cots for the few times we wish to go camping.

I have to admit that the idea of camping cots opens up the world of camping for me again. I don’t think I would enjoy camping as much if I were in a camper, unless there is bad weather or perhaps the nights are very cold.

However, camping cots would ensure that I could rest much better at night, and that would mean that I feel well enough to enjoy myself during the day. This would mean I would be more likely to get excited about a trip, and that I would also be more willing to plan more of them.

Camping cots can be complicated, or they can be rather simple. What you want will depend on what you need. If you have a large tent, you can get one that is set far up off the ground.

If you have a bad back, you don’t want anything that is too low to the ground anyway. If you don’t care about the height, and you have a smaller tent, you can find camping cots that are just a few inches from the ground. They can save space while leaving you feeling rested and well in the morning.

Camping CotWhen buying camping cots, you do have a lot of choices. You can find single units that are made just for one, and you can also find ones that you can share comfortably with your spouse or even a friend.

Some have a sturdy frame and a simple canvas to support your body, and some have a blow up type of feature to give you more comfort if that is what you need.

You may even want to try hammocks as camping cots, but you should know it is hard to sleep outside in some cases without the protection of a tent over your head. If you choose that, make sure your tent is close by in the event of rain.

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