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Kids Camping Gear

If you are taking the family camping, your children could be very excited, or they could be bored with the idea. You can make a camping trip more exciting for them if you get them their own kids camping gear. Children with their own gear have more fun when out in the woods or at a campground and are more excited about the prospect of going with the family for a camping trip.… Read More

Auto Focus Binoculars

Should you get Auto Focus Binoculars? Auto focus binoculars really shouldn’t be called that; even “self-focusing binoculars” isn’t a name that does the product justice. The thing is, when you hear that name, you think of something like a modern autofocus camera – something with a system of motorized lenses, sensors and so on.… Read More

Portable GPS

Enhance your hunting or hiking experience with a portable GPS navigation system Adventurous hunters and hikers will often trek through forests, plains, valleys and tundra that they have never travelled through before, for the sheer joy of making their way through unknown territory.

If you are an old-timer when it comes to hunting or hiking, you know that maps, a compass and the stars are indispensable to a successful and safe experience for such excursions.… Read More


Hiking Outdoors For the Whole Family Getting exercise is getting harder and harder for some families. Televisions, video games, smart phones, other hand held devices, and computers are keeping a lot of people indoors. While technology is a good thing, it has had a bad effect on our health. Find a day once a week when all of these things are put away so that you can go out as a family to get some fresh air and some exercise.… Read More

Camping Trips for those who like Landscaped Wilderness When a friend mentions that they are going camping over the weekend, what kind of images does that statement throw up in your mind – finding a patch of grass by a pond in the woods to pitch a tent in, finding a quiet spot somewhere to dig a toilet trench and lots of mosquito repellent, right?… Read More