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Camping Trips

Camping Trips for those who like Landscaped Wilderness

When a friend mentions that they are going camping over the weekend, what kind of images does that statement throw up in your mind – finding a patch of grass by a pond in the woods to pitch a tent in, finding a quiet spot somewhere to dig a toilet trench and lots of mosquito repellent, right?

Camping Trips

Well, if that’s your idea of roughing it in the wilderness, you need to realize that it’s kind of out of touch. Camping trips these days aren’t about roughing it in the wilderness. Instead, they happen to be about wilderness that’s really close to civilization both physically and in idea.

These are camping trips that are all about putting up in a very well-appointed cabin with a proper bathroom, running water, electricity, kitchenette with microwave and cooking range, soft bed with memory foam, plasma TV and everything else.

What makes it kind of less than city-like is the fact that you get to go out to take part in wilderness activities – sporting activities, scavenger hunts and so on.

Camping Trips

These camping grounds with all facilities included are established and maintained by organizations like Kampgrounds of America, all over the country. They usually build these close to every city. Parents from around a neighborhood get together, plan and organize such camping trips and then go with their children.

Parents cook meals for their children at the kitchens in the cabins, organize activities in the safe and well-kept “wilderness”, and everyone has fun.

With wilderness camping trips like this made possible, observers of the leisure industry are beginning to notice that people who would never have bothered with the whole “roughing it” thing are beginning to sit up and take notice.

Camping Trips

When roughing it in the wilderness is all about staying in affordable luxury in a cabin in landscaped woods close to the city, a lot of people are beginning to come in who would never have bothered with camping trips.

Having campgrounds like these close to the city makes it possible for people to just pop out for a camping trip with no planning done at all. They don’t even have to worry about the price of gas when they drive to the camping grounds.

Some of these camping grounds even offer great wilderness activities – like a zip line, fishing and kayaking. And of course, what wilderness would be complete without Wi-Fi and cable?

They have great wilderness activities for children too, usually – ones that involve bug safaris – a tour guide takes children through the woods pointing at and naming all the different insects. They usually have a very entertaining spiel that leaves children spellbound.


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