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Environmental Health

The truth about environmental health will not come from politicians, but from scientists

Global warming – is it fiction? The dispute is nearing an end as environmental health scientists narrow the data down to scientific evidence and whichever side prevails, this data will give humanity the information we need to exercise some control over earth and our own destiny.

When politicians in the past called into question the validity of global warming, the science community, with few exceptions, angrily revolted, as scientists do, vindictive, with contempt and disparagement.

This interfered with science, did boggle the progress the world was attempting to achieve through emission control treaties. As predicted, this irresponsible, perhaps even selfish meddling with the fate of humanity has been brought, into the clear and shown to be pure foolishness.

Thirty years before politicians proposed his myopic vision of the perils facing the earth through global warming, an esteemed thinker, the chemist; Charles F. Baes, Jr. of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (a U.S. Department of Energy institution) sounded the alarm.

He pointed to the rising Leviathan of global warming, the reality of the greenhouse effect and the unconsciousness of man to the coming disaster that would follow as effect.

No self-respecting scientist today denies that the activities of humans, from the burning of fossil fuels to deforestation, are significant, contributory causes of global warming and the deterioration of environmental health. New data is revealing the intricate relationship between human activities and the biosphere.

Common sense tells us that if a man sets a forest on fire and burns it down, carbon dioxide is increased in the atmosphere, ecosystems are destroyed, animals of every variety are killed and at least in that former forest, the microclimate is altered.

In addition to common sense, the light of science breaks through the black clouds those dark men, for reasons of power and profit, have breathed over our cherished earth. Science continues to bring us out of ignorance and the arrogance of selfish men.

Today and for the last ten years, scientists are experimenting with grasslands and forests, measuring carbon dioxide levels, temperatures, precipitation and actually varying these in order to determine the responses of life forms and ecosystems.

With this data, we will be able to establish environmental health boundaries and requirements to predict possible dangers and enact measures to control and restore the damage our activities have done.

Using scientific methods, theory, experiments, observation, reasoning and results, our environmental health scientists are providing us with something we should never look to political forces to disclose.

Science is revealing the truth – truth about our affects on the earth, on life, from the worm to the lark. On the generations of humans that will come after us and on our responsibilities to all of these. Thanks science!

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