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Garden Watering Systems

It’s time to stop using non-smart garden watering systems

When you go down to your local home improvement store to find out what kind of garden watering systems they sell these days, you’ll usually see your regular garden-variety offering all over the place – ones that will water your garden at regular intervals whether it needs that are not – and you’ll see a couple of the smart ones too.

Garden Watering System

Watering your garden like clockwork isn’t really the best idea. For instance, what happens when it rains? It would be such a waste to water your lawn then. What happens when it’s really humid weather or the water from the last watering still hasn’t evaporated? Garden watering systems need to be designed to take account of these things. Which is what you get with the new smart variety.

Smart garden watering systems take everything in account. They have sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, how much it has rained and a number of other things. If it’s an unexpectedly cool day, right away it doesn’t water your lawn like it usually does.

We live in a time when water is not as freely available as in the past. You really need your irrigation system to wise up a little. Usually, the smartness in an irrigation system’s control is not that expensive. If you have an existing irrigation system you can easily upgrade it with a smart controller and necessary sensors.

Garden Watering System

Some models have inbuilt sensors for temperature and humidity. The more sophisticated ones have different parts. One part merely connects to your irrigation system, and it doesn’t do any control on its own. All it does is to wirelessly keep in touch with its counterpart that’s inside and connected to your computer – where software does the irrigation control.

The computer connected part keeps itself updated on the Internet, reads all the weather reports for your area and tells the outdoor unit what to do – when to turn the water on. The intelligent two-part system is more expensive, but will make up for it in smaller water bills in no more than two years.


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