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Gardening Gifts

Choosing Neat Gardening Gifts

If you have a gardening fanatic in your life, or know someone who would like to get into it, gift giving time can be much easier for you if you think about great gardening gifts.

There are many great things that you can get for the gardener in your life if you do some simple shopping. You can find what you need both online and in your local stores.

Gardening Gifts

Just remember that even if it seems that the person for whom you are buying does not need anything, many things in gardening are renewable, which means there is always something out there that you can get them that they will love.

Some of the tried and true gardening gifts are things that are used every day in gardening and landscaping. Things like hoes, rakes, spades, and shovels are great ideas, but not really what someone may need.

Anyone who is into gardening already has these things. They can make a great started pack as gardening gifts for those that are just getting into gardening.

Gardening Gifts

You can also get things like knee pads, gardening gloves, and even rubber shoes made just for the gardener playing in the mud.

Gardening can be wet and dirty business; though that is some of the appeals, so things that help keep them somewhat clean are great ideas for the gardener that has everything else. Watering cans and hoses can fall into the ‘wet’ category as well.

You can also find some things that could be of great interest as gardening gifts if you want to spend some money. Rototillers are great ideas if someone does not have one.

Gardening Gifts

You could also gift them with a truckload of top soil, though that may be a very strange gift to give indeed. Some practical things might be bags of colored mulch for spring landscaping, plastic that is used in some gardens to contain weeds, and even fertilizers and grow formulas. Go for the environmentally friendly versions.

Renewable items as gardening gifts are things that a gardener is going to need more of each year. This is things like seeds are always going to be needed.

You can even get them tomato plants, as these are often grown inside first before planted in a garden when there is a shorter growing season. If someone is growing flowers and plants instead of veggies, you can get them various plants and flowers already started from a local home store.

If you really want to get something amazing, think about getting them a tree. You can find these already started (for best results) where you buy plants and bushes.

Part of gardening and landscaping is taking the time to enjoy what you have created. Some gardening gifts could be things that allow someone to sit outside to enjoy what they have created.

You can get a lounge chair, umbrella, and an end table so that they can make their own space in their garden so that they can enjoy it.

Good books that can be read while sitting outside can also be good gardening gifts. If you think along these lines, you can come up with some great gifts on your own.


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