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Green Lawns

Getting to Have Green Lawns no Matter What

Everyone loves a neat green lawn out front and at back, and it’s the pride of any home. But no matter how much care you put into their lawn, there’s always a patch or two that you struggle with that never yields to even the greatest amount of care.

Green Lawn

These bald or brown patches on any lawn usually occur under a tree or in the shade of a fence. Every blade of grass just happens to need sunshine to do its little photosynthesis thing and to keep green and lively.

What exactly do you do to keep your green lawns immaculate and with no sparse or bald spots? What you need is a shade-tolerant variety of grass seed.

Green Lawn

Since getting to have beautiful green lawns is practically a part of everyone’s dream, there are grass experts who have been working on the problem for quite a while now; and they have results.

You just need to know the names of the species or varieties of grass out there that have been developed to be shade tolerant. St. Augustine and Fescue are two of the biggest names in shade-tolerant grasses.

Hybrid experts have been working on varieties of that perennial favorite, Kentucky bluegrass, to grow in the shade too.

Green Lawn

Picking the right kind of grass seed isn’t about looking for the one best kind though. It’s going with three or four varieties all mixed up that should work best for your lawn conditions.

The reason you want to do this is, no kind of grass grows well through every part of the year. Some will grow best in the spring; others will thrive in the summer. Mixing your seeds and sprinkle them around your space makes sure that you have green lawns all year through.

The best way to keep your green lawns looking that way would be to grow your grass a little longer in the shade than in the parts that get a good deal of sun. You’ll need each grass type to have more surface area to collect light to photo synthesize with.

Not only are grasses in shady areas hard up for light, they also need to struggle a bit for the water they need – they will have the trees they are under sucking up all the moisture.

All you need to do is to water any part of your lawn under a tree a little bit more. Keep scattering those mixed seeds over the shady part of your lawn until it begins to really take root, and you should be able to relax.


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