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Growing Miniature Roses

Growing Miniature Roses at Home

If you’re someone who can go completely nuts over a little baby or a puppy simply because they seem like such small and innocent versions of the regular-sized thing, you’ll complete fall in love with growing miniature roses.

Miniature Roses

It’s hard to look at one of these tiny things that look exactly as beautiful, as detailed and as complete as a rose and not lose your heart to it.

The effect can be exquisite, to see a rose composed literally of dozens of petals, all wrapped up tightly into a bloom that’s no more than an inch across.

Now of course, growing miniature roses can be wonderful in any kind of circumstance. They can be especially useful though, to gardening enthusiasts who live in apartments and other confined spaces.

These are the people who have to do all their gardening out of pots and containers set out on a balcony that gets some sun. To have a large spread out rosebush growing full-sized roses would not be possible here.

Miniature roses, the flowers themselves, tend to be barely an inch across. And the bushes that put forth these roses are perhaps a foot tall and a foot in circumference.

Just because they are tiny, do not think that they are delicate in any way. Miniature rose bushes are as hardy as regular roses. With the right kind of care, they will live 10 years.

Minature Roses

You can also find tree roses and climbers of the miniature variety. You’ll find when growing miniature roses that you’re not looking at some strange mutant that just happens to put out a good duplicate of the rose you’ve always known.

Miniature rose plants are exactly the same as the full-sized plants; except that they are tiny. You get the same growth pattern, the same thorns and everything – except that someone ran it through a shrinking machine.

Gardeners often use miniature rose bushes in their regular sized gardens as well. They make for a really lovely way to line a garden path.

If you live in an apartment with no garden and no sunshine, you can still grow miniature roses. You just need a really bright regular light bulb – something around 200 Watt, for instance.

While this will work, you should try to put them next to a window for whatever natural light they can find. Keep them at least a foot away from the window so they will not suffer from freezing drafts.

Look for miniature roses, and you’ll find that they come in a mind-boggling variety – you get just about every color. The best part is that most of them do have the nice scent of roses. No house should be without some.


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