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Lucky Bamboo Plants

Lucky Bamboo Plants – The best no-fuss plants anyone could hope for

Whether or not you believe in the luck part of getting lucky bamboo plants, you have to admit that there is something truly captivating and cheerful about them. Those little bundles of slender green bamboo shoots in their little dishes of water can never fail to cheer.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo plants are not so difficult to find these days – they have them at many department stores and plant nurseries. Once you get one for your home, you’ll find that they don’t even need direct sunlight to stay alive and to thrive.

A nice shady part of a room that’s about 21 degrees Celsius is all it needs. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your little bamboo plants and to raise a few new plants yourself.

Bamboos don’t need much water; but you do need to supply them with what little they ask for. You need to make sure that the roots are always completely underwater but that the water never rises up so high that it reaches the base of the cane.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Since tap water usually has chlorine and other water treatment chemicals added, it would probably be a good idea to let tap water stand a while for the chemicals to settle before you use it for your lucky bamboo plants. Rainwater or mineral water is also fine.

Do not set your bamboo shoots out in the sunlight. These plants really are as delicate as they look. They do best in the shade. Fertilizer isn’t a good idea; a little bit of plant food should do about once every two weeks.

Bamboo plants need to be allowed to grow to about 70 centimeter (by which time, they should have been transplanted into soil) before you cut them to plant elsewhere.

Before you attempt any cutting and replanting, you should make sure that the plant is healthy and that the leaves are a wonderful deep green.

Cutting a bamboo plant is best done with a neat oblique slash. The point you choose to make your cut needs to be a few leaves below the top of the plant. Make sure that you use a very sharp blade for the job.

Once you do that, you can take your new cut of bamboo and place it in a glass of water somewhere away from sunlight. If you notice a little algae or mold in the water that’s a good sign – these help the roots grow.


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  • Cynthia Dean 30 Jul 2012, 12:31

    Dear Bamboo Lover

    I live in Melkbosstrand in Cape Town and was wondering if anyone knows of an outlet that makes up bamboo plant bowls with rocks and the different feng shui elements.. i am moving and would love to have one for my room.

    Warm regards

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