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Luxury Honeymoon

A luxury honeymoon is every bride and groom’s dream. The wedding plans have taken a toll on them and they want to get away from all the frustrations that might have culminated into a wedding of the year. They surely need some time away to freshen up and breath.

Luxury Honeymoon

They need to be somewhere where they can loose themselves to the beauty of nature. The honeymoon provides this private and cosy time between them. The choice of such a location requires research to make sure that they end up in a place to remember for the rest of their lives.

A good honeymoon destination will surely spice up the marriage. It has to be a once in a lifetime experience as it happens only once.

Luxury honeymoon locations will guarantee the couple exotic treatment. They provide warm and inviting sandy beaches where the couple can relax. They might have the need to shop and most of the time there are malls, which are strategically placed to cater for this need.

Luxury Honeymoon

Hotel accommodation is awesome and they can pick a room that appeal to them. It could be overlooking the beach or city and they will enjoy every bit of it.

Luxury honeymoon locations are available in countries such as Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles just to mention a few. Some locations include the Meridian Club, which is in Pine Cay.

It has luxurious rooms overlooking the beach. The environment around this club is tropical and pure. This gives the newly weds the most exotic honeymoon and it is a place they will remember for a long time.

Luxury Honeymoon

Burj al Arab in Dubai is another luxurious honeymoon escape, which the couple is bound to love. The Burj comes complete with a fitness center, a spa, Jacuzzis, and aerobic studios. Dubai is a beautiful place and has the most awesome beaches. The Arabian hospitality will charm the couple.

The Peter Island Resort is a luxury honeymoon location to die for. It is in the British Virgin Islands and promises beautiful beaches, the inviting waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic ocean.

It has five private beaches and the serenity is incomparable to none. The cuisine is exceptional and the sceneries are breathtaking. It also offers other activities such as golfing, boating, sailing, and shopping. It has a fitness center, a spa, and a jogging trail.

The Datai of Malaysia is trapped in a rainforest making its setting unique. It has a sandy beach that is ideal for that beach experience. It faces the Andaman Sea providing the honeymooners with an ideal view.

It comes complete with a golf club, a fitness center, sailing and hiking facilities as well as a nature walk, which allows for a closer look at the rain forest. The Caribbean with its beautiful islands promises a luxury honeymoon location at the Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua, Cuba, and Barbados.

Honeymoon safaris are a must in Kenya. It is home to the most amazing wildlife. It has luxurious lodges in the wilderness, which make it even more thrilling.

Some of these safaris include the Maasai honeymoon, the Lion Safari honeymoon, and the Kilimanjaro honeymoon among others. Beach honeymoons are also available in Mombassa and Lamu.

Whatever destination you choose for your honeymoon, better make sure it is luxurious and the above destinations definitely live up to the name: Luxury Honeymoon Destinations.


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    You get the whole villa for your honeymoon and then you decide what you want to include.

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