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Natural Garden Pest Control

How easy is it to achieve Natural Garden Pest Control?

If you could design an organic garden that functioned with a kind of balance in its environment, you’d find there are natural ways to help you achieve everything in a garden you ever needed. Achieving natural garden pest control is possible if you could design your garden in a defensive way.


The first thing to do in defense would be to stay away from sowing plants that are naturally weak and prone to pest damage. Search the Internet for information on the kind of planting calendar you should follow for your area. Plant only annual plants and in the season that they are the strongest. You’ll get healthier plants this way and they’ll be naturally resistant to troublesome pests. Whenever plants don’t seem to be doing so well in your garden, you need to cull them for better overall health. Even a few weak plants in the garden are going to attract pests that will find ways to prey on stronger plants.

The soil of your garden can help to create a stronger environment for your plants. A natural composting method with mulching and natural fertilizer can help your plants avoid the kind of enervation that artificial fertilizers are known to bring. Natural fertilizer makes your plants strong and resistant. You can seek composting guidance in the pH readings of a soil testing kit and work in the kind of manure that is needed to correct the balance.

Seaweed and fish emulsion make great fertilizer, the natural way. Seaweed has all kinds of natural soil nutrients – calcium, barium, zinc, magnesium, iron – you name it. Fish fertilizer and seaweed are great ways to strengthen your soil’s capacity to support plants in the organic way. Stronger and more capable soil is an effective natural garden pest control method.

An untidy garden is a great way to bring in pests and keep them happy with all kinds of hiding places. Make sure that your organic fertilizing is cast in a thin layer. Mulch for instance discourages the growth of weeds. Insects usually come in for the specific plants in your garden that they are best at attacking. When you inter-plant though, the pests are less likely to be able to jump from one row to another. Rotating crops and inter-planting are great ways to keep pests out, the natural way.

Attracting the good insects is a great way of stopping the bad ones in their tracks too. You can buy them off the Internet: ladybugs, nematodes and brachonids for instance are great ways to keep the bad insects out. And while you’re at it, be aware that a healthy environment in a garden to keep pests away would include the planting of carrots, caraway, daisies, black-eyed Susan’s and others. Natural garden pest control isn’t that difficult. You just need to appreciate how much is possible if you work with nature.


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