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Student travel – travel on the cheap

One of the great things about being a student is having the flexibility to travel. Many students make the most of their college or school breaks to do some student travel.

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While some will embark on road trips, others will head across the border or travel overseas. One of the great things about student travel is that there are so many travel options available. You’ll be able to find some sort of trip to suit any set of interests, and fortunately any budget.

Most students will be on a limited budget, so they will be looking for discount or cheap holidays. This is where your age and student status can come in handy. If you have a student card for your college or school, see if it entitles you to any particular benefits.

Some student cards will give students discount rates on public transport, while others will allow students to get special deals at restaurants or even on accommodation.

There are also many travel agencies who will work with students to arrange cheap travel deals. Many of these specialize in student travel and offer substantially discounted rates for students.

One thing about student travel is that many students will tend to travel during their vacation time. This of course tends to be peak travel time and can be quite expensive. If it is possible, see whether you can schedule your holiday for an off-peak time.

This can save you quite a bit of money. Failing this, try to book your trip far in advance as tickets will tend to be cheaper. At all costs, avoid buying last minute flights or fares. These can be quite expensive and you’ll find that your budget will have diminished substantially.

Many students like to travel to cheaper destinations. While this sounds limiting, it’s actually the opposite. Many of the cheaper places to travel are actually the least overrun by tourists. They’re often developing countries that haven’t been turned into tourist traps.

In addition, as students are more likely to travel on the cheap and to seek out interesting experiences, these can be great places to visit. Make sure that you make the most of a given destination. Try new things that you wouldn’t otherwise try and make an effort to truly experience a new country or even a new city.

Another type of travel that students can take advantage of is exchange or study abroad programs. These are programs where students, usually college students, study and live overseas.

These can be a great opportunity not only for study, but also for seeing the world and meeting new people. Talk with your course adviser to see whether your institution offers study abroad or exchange programs.

Many of these programs will also contribute to your graduation points, so they can be valuable in a lot of ways. Studying overseas can also be cheaper than studying at a local institution.

It’s a good idea to make the most of these opportunities while you still can. If you’re interested in student travel, travelling as a student can be a great choice.


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