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Fruit Trees

The Amazing History of the Fig Tree The most famous Biblical reference to figs is that, in which Jesus cursed a fig tree for not producing any fruit for him as he passed by, a curse that killed the fig tree. (Matt 21:18) The Jewish King, Hezekiah, was cured of a life-threatening plague by applying figs to the infected spot.… Read More

Cherry Tree In Bloom

The Many Types of Cherry Trees There are hundreds of different varieties of cherry. The word Cherry is derived from the name of an ancient city in Turkey. It describes both the tree and the fruit it produces.

A cherry fruit is classified as a “drupe”. In the center it has a single hard core that holds the seed.… Read More

Why Not Consider Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees? You are a avid gardener but don’t have enough space to live out your passion for gardening. Dwarf fruit trees is the solution. The dwarf fruit tree is a smaller tree that still produce regular sized fruits.

Miniature fruit trees are very popular with backyard and balcony gardeners who wants a variety of their favorite fruits.… Read More

Fruit Trees

Planting Fruit Trees Though there are some plants that will grow for you year in and year out, the best type of permanent plant to put into your yard or anywhere else on your property would be fruit trees. Not only are trees harder to kill, they generally add a natural beauty to any property.… Read More

When growing a fruit tree, choosing the right place to plant it is very important. One thing that you have to consider is its proximity to a building, electric line, side walk, or any other thing that might disrupt its growing.

Once you have planted a fruit tree, the chances of unearthing it and changing its spot without killing it are very slim.… Read More