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Fruit Trees

Planting Fruit Trees

Though there are some plants that will grow for you year in and year out, the best type of permanent plant to put into your yard or anywhere else on your property would be fruit trees.

Not only are trees harder to kill, they generally add a natural beauty to any property. Fruit is something that everyone loves, and having your own supply, not matter how small, is very nice.

Fruit Trees

If you want to draw animals to your property, fruit trees are a good way to do that. What you can plant greatly depends on where you live.

In most climates where there are four seasons, there are some fruit trees that usually grow well, though an early frost can hurt the fruit. Apple trees are very resilient and grow in such areas very easily.

The same type of climate can also support cherry trees, peach trees, and large bushed berries like huckleberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Fruit Trees

These types of fruit trees will not only give you some pie or other dessert filling, they will also be quite beautiful in your yard or in the fields if you want to have more than just one or two trees.

If you live in an area that has warmer weather throughout the year, you can have a bigger variety of fruit trees for your own personal use.

You can have also have trees that are a bit touchier to frost and that have a longer growing season. These fruit trees include things like oranges and most other citrus that grows on a tree, and for more tropical areas (high humidity) – pineapple and banana trees.

There are others as well, though these are the most common for those that just want to have a few trees outside for beauty as well as function.

There are some things about fruit trees that you have to know. Though they are generally very hard to kill, there still need some attention. In order to keep them healthy, they need to be pruned and trimmed each year.

Fruit Trees

They might do very well without it, but it is something to be done once in a while with any fruit tree. Not all trees produce fruit when they should, so don’t think the tree is a waste if you have a bad year. Some years are just better than others for growing and pests that may harm trees.

When planting fruit trees, remember to give them some space to grow. If you put them too close together they are going to have to share resources rather than spreading out as they should. For healthier trees, plant them as far apart as you imagine they need to be when fully grown.

They should not require too much upkeep after planting, but you do want to water them if you are having a particularly dry year, and watch for signs of rot and bug infestation.

Some will need support, so stake them if necessary. One day, you will have large, beautiful fruit trees of your very own.


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  • Cornelia Reimann 08 May 2017, 11:40

    I would love to buy dwarf fruit trees but my local nurseries all said that they did not have a clue where to get them. Please tell me where I can find dwarf fruit trees!!! My house and garden are in Somerset West. Thank you

  • katie miszewski 26 Oct 2017, 13:27

    could you tell me where I can buy miniature lemon trees in South Africa regards Katie

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