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Digital Camera Photography Tips One great thing about digital camera photography is that you do not have to pay for pictures that do not come out or that look terrible.

There are some people that still use film, but they probably also use a digital camera at one time or another.… Read More

Learning about Photography Learning about photography does not mean that you have to take a class, but you can if you want to. Most community colleges offer some type of photography classes, as well as local community or art centers.

You can find some classes about photography online as well and learn some basics about framing shots, how to make each and every shot you take more interesting and memorable.… Read More

There are many great things you can do with a camera, but for the most part, you cannot get your camera wet. That means that taking photos underwater is next to impossible unless you get a special underwater camera. Though not everyone will have a need for one of these, they are great if you spend time in the water and often see things that you would like to take home as a memory.… Read More

Photography has developed rapidly over the years with equipment and film working in tandem to pioneer new methods of taking pictures. 35mm film, also referred to as 135 film, can be used for still photographs and motion pictures. The 35mm camera was put on the market in 1934, was a best seller by the late 1960s and still enjoys success today.… Read More