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The Tulip Tree Has Got Its Name From Its Tulip Shaped Flowers The flowers are located at great heights and typically reach a size of 2.5 inches. The Tulip Tree produces monoecious flowers with yellow-green petals.

The corolla has a beautiful vivid orange shade. Some people find the leaves of the Tulip Tree similar to tulips too, at least with a little imagination.… Read More

Training Branches To Go Where You Want To
Altering the structure of the tree is known as “Tree Training” and has not been around for very long. Through tying down branches or propping them up from the ground, one can direct the growth of a tree to take whatever shape you want.… Read More

Before Selecting a Tree to plant, first give it some thought Summertime brings hot weather. It is the time of year when we appreciate the shade of a big, beautiful tree. Trees provide other benefits, too.

They can block the wind, help clean the air, provide fruit and nuts, and create a hospitable habitat for wildlife.… Read More

tree fell in snow storm

Planting Trees and Shrubs Flowers and small plants are nice, but they do not have the beauty or the longevity of trees and shrubs. If you want some privacy on your property, and if you want to invest some money in making your home look better, planting some shrubs and trees is definitely the way to go.… Read More

The Need To Plant Trees Trees are undeniably beautiful in most settings. Cities seem cleaner and more inviting if someone takes the time to plant trees. The country setting that so many love is serene and secluded because the silent beauty of the tree.

Today, we have less trees than ever and with our expanding cities and populations, as well as the increased need for wood and other products, more are being cut down.… Read More