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Caravan Accessories

Many people enjoy caravan holidays, either with touring caravans or on static sites. This type of vacation brings freedom and fun but there is no need to go without creature comforts. Modern caravans and caravan accessories mean that owners can enjoy a home from home at moderate prices.

To give more space and protection, there are numerous awnings, windbreaks, porch awnings and sun canopies to choose from. A caravan cover will protect against strong sunlight, dirt, bird droppings, wind and rain damage. They are usually made with nylon straps, buckles and have smooth zip openings.

For security, there are hitchlocks and padlocks. Wheel clamps come in one size to fit all vehicle models. They are designed to be easily and quickly fitted. A caravan clamp comes with a pick resistance lock, for peace of mind.

Every vehicle needs a good towing mirror and there are different kinds sold at caravan accessories stores. They should be made of sturdy material and experience minimal vibration when on the move.

If the weather is good, it’s nice to sit outside, soaking up the rays or having a meal. There are plastic table and chair sets plus canvas chairs for relaxing in. Unfortunately, good weather can never be guaranteed and it’s a good idea to have a heater if forced to stay indoors.

Push button halogen heaters have three heat settings and a safety device that protects against overheating or the heater being knocked over. Some heaters come with remote control handsets.

Even on holiday, the chores have to be done and there are some caravan accessories that make life a little easier. The semi automatic, portable washing machine is usually around 10 litres of capacity. It’s economic to operate and can heat water up to 50 degrees.

A twin tub version has a spin facility and gentle cycle. Keeping food and drink warm or cool is easy with a 24-liter fridge. It can cool to 18-20 degrees lower than surrounding temperature or warm to 50-55 degrees. It’s ideal for keeping the wine and beer chilled.

Cooking outdoors is all part of the fun. Portable gas burners are very efficient and come with a cast iron griddle, pans, windshield and carry bag. An average set will cater for six to seven people.

When arriving on the site or parking at home, it can be tricky and a bit of help is always welcome. Parking aids help to manoeuvre the caravan into position.

It’s also important not to forget about calls of nature. Caravan toilets are probably the most important of the caravan accessories to think about!

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