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Economy travel is the way to go for your 2016 travel plans: Here’s how…

During the 90’s, the economy was booming, jobs were plentiful and most of us weren’t paying strict attention to what we spent on our vacation plans.

Today, of course, is a different story. Now the situation has reversed to the point where many of us are saying, “What vacation?” Fortunately, the economy travel mindset can save the day.

Yes, you can still have a great vacation if you know how to plan your travel with just a few tricks of the trade. Here, we’ve got some pointers on how to travel economically and in style.

Your first step consists of doing a little research online. Just as you’re keeping a close eye on your wallet, hotels and restaurants are hungry for your business.

This means prices are coming down. Even the airlines are offering some great deals, particularly if you book well in advance. The big-name, one-stop shopping travel sites can be a convenient way to put together an economy travel package.

It’s certainly worth checking them out for their best price deal to your destination. However, here’s a little known travel secret: the “independent” traveller who puts together his own itinerary can share hundreds of dollars in travel costs with just a little extra effort.

Here’s how this strategy works. If you’re travelling by air, Google ‘cheap airfares your-destination’. This allows you to zero in on sites that specialize in travel to your region of interest.

You’ll find that such sites often have listings at drop-dead prices, which just may beat the prices quoted at the big-name sites. Sign up for a subscription to their free newsletters to get their latest finds delivered right to your inbox.

If you’re travelling by car, consider renting a vehicle that gets great mileage – the saving on gas may outweigh the cost of the rental if your own car is a gas-guzzler.

For accommodations, check out some of the exclusively hotel-oriented sites, which provide photos and contact information for hundreds of hotels in your destination area.

Not only will you find unusual, boutique type accommodations not listed on the big-name sites, but also when you call and book direct, you’ll save a substantial amount of money.

Use the same economy travel strategy to locate restaurants before you leave home. Use a search string such as ‘Italian restaurants your-destination’ (or whatever cuisine strikes your fancy).

These restaurant directories include reviews from other travellers, which help you find the great restaurants suited to your taste.

Think of the types of activities you’ll want to include in your vacation plan. Whether you’re looking for walking tours, museums, theatre, shopping or nature walks, you’ll find resources online.

This aspect of the economy travel plan saves both time and money, because you’ll have dates and times as well as prices (sometimes at discounted prices) on hand before you ever leave home.

Although it requires a bit of your time organizing your own itinerary with this travel strategy, you’ll have fun doing it and you’ll save a lot of money. You’ll have a customized vacation plan you know you’ll enjoy, with maximum value.

Economy travel makes good sense. Bon voyage!

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