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The Most Beautiful Houseplant – Coleus

A Home Without a Coleus Houseplant is not a Home!

Many of us have done gardening at some time in our lives and some have carried this hobby indoors. One plant which can spread beauty throughout homes or apartment is the Coleus. Easy to keep alive through even lengthy non attendance and very simple propagation techniques, it can bring much joy to the plant enthusiast.

Coleus Houseplant

The most popular is known as Coleus Hybridus (painted nettle) and a much more vibrant Coleus plant, simply called “Rainbow Mixed Colors” on the seed package, is unbeatable in color variations.

Because of the high level of regeneration of the Coleus plant, you could easily propagate a single nursery bought plant or one started from seed into several totally new plants.

It’s simple! Once the plant has blossomed to beautiful foliage, cuttings can be taken. Trim 4 to 6 of the lower leaves close to the stem and place the cuttings in a jar or glass, about 1/3 filled with simple tap water.

Several plant cuttings can be placed in the same jar, but the water level will have to be monitored more closely. The Coleus gets pretty thirsty and could drain the water supply in a very short time.

Store in a low lighted area for several days, until roots are produced at the base of the cuttings. Wait until new roots have produced at least half a dozen and the longest have reached about 1″.

Coleus Houseplant

They are now ready to be transposed into a more permanent growing media. Choose the correct type of soil for your new botanical jewels.

Find soil that will grow your new cuttings and keep them in their healthiest state throughout their adult lives and produce the brightest of color variations in their ever changing leaf patterns.

Coleus Houseplant

Coleus Houseplant
The soil should contain the greatest amount of organic material as possible along with self contained nutrients.

Select a growing pot which would accommodate a progressive growing stage. You could probably begin with a 4″ wide pot. Each individual plant should have ample room to remain in this size pot for about 2 months.

When the Coleus has outgrown its original pot, it’s time to move it to a bigger pot size. This should last for the rest of its natural life. The process can be started all over again and you will have a house full of these spectacular plants.

Coleus Houseplants


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