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Easy Flowers to Grow

Gardening and Growing Flowers Should be Easy!

If you are looking for easy flowers to grow, start by looking in your own front yard during the spring. No matter where you live, chances are there are a few hardy spring wildflowers blooming on the lawn right under your nose.


Maybe there are a couple of vibrant violets among the grass stems or some wild baby’s breath growing where you least expect it.

Pay attention to what flowers you already have growing wild, and consider growing more of the same. If they pop up on your lawn without any help, imagine how well they will grow if you care for them.

After you had a look at the wildflowers, head down to your local nursery. They will be able to recommend some easy flowers to grow in your area.

Many species such as garden phlox flowers, geraniums and morning glories grow pretty easily anywhere, but some species will be better adapted for your area in particular.

Morning glories in particular are popular over much of the country. Their fast growing, annual vines self-seed in most climates, ensuring that you will get to watch an attractive climbing vine spring out of the ground and up your fence year after year.

Sunflowers are my personal favorite easy flowers to grow. They grow really tall and have broad, almost cartoonish big and vibrant blooms packed full of delicious sunflower seeds.

They do take up a lot of room, so you need to have a big space if you want to grow a sunflower garden, but they are more than worth it. They are a joy to watch shooting up towards the sky and blossoming year after year.

If you are looking for easy flowers to grow inside, on the other hand, sunflowers are probably not your best bet. Buy a peace lily instead. Peace lilies are some of the most popular indoor plants for a number of reasons.

They do well in a variety of lighting conditions, survived with very little watering, look attractive in a classy, understated sort of way and, on top of it all, filter the air.

Peace lilies, along with English ivy and several other plants are able to remove synthetic toxic compounds from the air, dramatically reducing indoor air pollution and safeguarding your health.

Combine that with their sculptured, white blooms, lush foliage and impressive vitality and it’s no wonder that they are among the most popular indoor plants for both office and home growing.


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