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Scented Garden

Planting for a Wonderful Scented Garden

Gardens can be truly multi-sensory experiences. Not only do they look beautiful, they can smell great too. Few things can put you in touch with how beautiful nature is as can padding barefoot through your garden filled with beautiful fragrant flowers and plants. Did you always think that scented candles on your porch was really a classy way to enjoy a quiet evening on your patio? Try a scented garden instead, and you really see how great it can be.


The first thing you should do when planting a scented garden is to familiarize yourself with the blooming cycle of various plants. You want to learn when you can expect each kind of plant to bloom. You want basically, to choose plants to grow in your garden that will bloom by turn. You need something fresh coming up every season.

It isn’t just about the time of year that each plant you choose will bloom. Some will have flowers that are more fragrant in the heat of day; others will be more fragrant at night-time. Choose flowers for every part of the day and year and you will have what you need for your scented garden.

So let’s start at the beginning. What do you choose for spring? Your garden needs to be truly fresh and beautifully fragrant to help you celebrate the passing of winter. Try Grape Hyacinths, Siberian Squill and Iris Reticulate.

Not only do the flowers these plants put off look beautiful and colorful, they are going to be thickly fragrant all the time in spring. Daffodils and Tulips can be very fragrant as well. In fact, try to plant Hyacinths with large flowers in pots and put them right inside your front door. The moment you open your door to guests, they’ll be hit with a wave of pleasurable flower scent.

You should not forget about the Sweet Pea, which can be such a fragrant flower. Ask your local nursery what exact kind you should choose to best suit your part of the country and pick the most fragrant kind of flower for your area.

There are all kinds of other flowers that can go into your garden – Lavender, Peonies, Roses and Lilacs. Roses are wonderful through the summer. Make sure that you don’t limit your choices by going for perennial plants all the time. You want to have a large scent palette to work with.


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