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Organic Gardening Fertilizer

Some people find that they think organic gardening fertilizer does not work as well as some of the other types of fertilizers on the market, but that point is not to have the largest tomatoes on the block.

Organic Fertilizer

The point is to have a safe source of vegetables that you feel good serving to your family. You may not get quite the yield, but the health benefits far outweigh having to plant a few more plants to get the same amount. Chemicals are great for some things, but they are best left out of your dinner plans.

There are some commercially made types of organic gardening fertilizer out there that you can try. You have to be your own health advocate in this case though, as the word ‘organic’ is not really regulated in any way.

What one company may call organic is not what you would think of as safe for your family to ingest. Therefore, before you buy organic fertilizers, read the instructions for use and make a full list of the ingredients so you can check them out before you use them in your garden. Be your own detective before you buy.

If you have a garden at home, you may be growing your own vegetables because you are concerned about the freshness and also the safeness of the ones that you can get at your local store. It should not come as a surprise that chemicals are used on fruits and vegetables that you may not think are safe for your family.

Some brands and types are safe because they do not soak into the produce, but you cannot always count on that for sure. You can grow your own vegetables, but you may need help with growth. In that case, to stay safe, you can use organic gardening fertilizer. There are a few ways you can go about this.

You certainly have the option of coming up with your own organic gardening fertilizer if you wish, or getting more simpler things that you can buy that may do the same job. Animal waste is one of the best fertilizers out there.

This is why dairy farmers tend to spread cow manure on their own fields rather than disposing of it. Not only does this recycle the manure, it helps the crops that will be grown in the field to be fertilized cheaply, quickly and safely. They have been doing it for hundreds of years and so can you.

You can buy this type of organic gardening fertilizer in many places, though your best sources may be local farmers who sell it. They may have it mixed with something like mulch that will also help you keep the weeds out of your organic garden.

There are different animal waste types that each farmer may sell, but most should do the job. Just make sure you are handling it correctly. The last thing you want to do is to bring traces of it into your home.

It is best used before anything shoots up and bears fruit. After that, you want to use something else. Always clean your home grown vegetables very well before eating, cooking or canning them.


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