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Window Bird Feeders

I know a lot of people who like birds, and most of them love to feed them in one way or another. Most have bird feeders that hang from a tree, or they scatter seed outside when there is snow on the ground for the birds that have stuck around for the winter.

Window Bird Feeder

However, there are some very cool feeders out there that can bring you even closer to the birds that you love. You can get window bird feeders that will allow you to view them without scaring them off.

I first saw window bird feeders when I worked as a student cleaning pools while going through college. I had no idea that they existed until I saw one, and I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen.

Window Bird Feeder

These window bird feeders were right up against the window, much like a half a bowl. You would think that would scare the birds, but they were rather calm. The window had tinting on it near the feeder that allowed people in the house to watch without the birds even knowing they were there.

Window bird feeders are really great, but they do look as if they cost a pretty penny. If you want to invest in one, I can’t imagine that you would be sorry that you did so. However, if you want something similar, but you don’t want to spend quite as much, you can make your own.

Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder
Window Bird Feeder

You can have your window tinted and hang a few regular feeders out there. The birds will come but will not be disturbed when you come close to the window.

You can find either type of window bird feeders in stores near you, or you can find them online. Don’t forget to get some hummingbird feeders as well, as those can be a lot of fun to own, and the hummingbirds seem to love them.

You may want to put different types of bird seed in your bird feeders so that you can attract more than one type.

If you have squirrels in your garden try to find seed they don’t like. Squirrels can be distracted by offering them their own food in squirrel feeders, set far away from your bird feeders. That usually keeps them away from the birds.


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