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Attract Birds

Finding Ways to Attract Birds to your Garden

To a lover of nature and of birds, there are only a few sights that are more charming than the one of having birds in one’s garden, flitting and chirping about.

If you are anxious for the best way to have birds look on your garden as a great stopover, your garden needs to offer three important basics – birdseed and somewhere to stay safe.

Attract Birds

Find a way to bring these qualities to your garden and you should have a bird lover’s paradise on your hands in no time. Let’s look at the best principles of how to attract birds to your garden.

When winter swings around, birds lose their natural supplies of seeds, insects and worms to feed on. If you’re worried about how preparing artificial seeders to offer birds food would keep them from migrating the way nature intended, researchers say that feeding doesn’t really hurt anyone.

For birds that are not in fit condition to fly cross-country, birdfeeders can be the only thing there is that keeps them alive. And of course, not every kind of bird migrates.

Attract Birds

For the birds that do hang around and starve through winter, your birdfeeders can be a great source. Put out a feeder stocked with sunflower seeds, and you should be able to attract birds from chickadees to sparrows and cardinals in no time.

Some birds, towhees and sparrows especially, prefer cracked corn to anything else. Spread that out on a bird feeding table, and you should be good. If possible, growing dogwood, marigold and poppies should really round out your garden as a prime stopover for birds.

Birds get ready to nest as winter deepens. If the chirping of baby bird hatchlings seems like the most beautiful sound to you, preparing nesting boxes around your garden should be a great way to attract birds that are ready to raise a family.

Attract Birds

The kind of birdhouse you choose depends on what birds you wish to attract in the end – is it your plan to have a beautiful garden ornament or are you interested in attracting birds of a certain variety for their beauty?

Some birds prefer a completely sheltered box with nothing more than a hole to get out through. Other birds, like robbins for instance, prefer something more open.

Bluebirds love having their own space, and they hate sharing. Of course, the best kind of shelter would be to grow trees that birds can build nests in. You could look up on the Internet to find the best kinds of trees to grow for this.


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