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Camping In Michigan

Michigan, in the heart of the Great Lakes is one of the most scenic states in North America. Many visitors come for the thrill of being in a wilderness amongst the lakes, rivers and forests and having the opportunity of being close to wildlife. The best way to see everything off the beaten track is to go camping in Michigan.

The campgrounds vary a lot in the range of amenities they offer. Some are very basic whilst others have all the conveniences and can accommodate RVs. Whether camping in a tent with no running water or a rustic cabin, it’s a great way of spending a vacation.

Camping In Michigan

One of the most popular areas for people who like to get away from it all is the Isle Royale National Park on North West Lake Superior.

The emphasis in this park is to limit the impact of human visitors and protect the flora and fauna of the area. Camping in Michigan here is on a leave no trace basis. Visitors are not allowed in winter and hunting is prohibited. The wildlife on view includes moose, wolves, beavers, otters, turtles, eagles and osprey.

The park can be accessed by ferry, floatplane or boat and moving around the park can be done on foot or on the water in a canoe, kayak or motorboat. Mountain bikes are not permitted.

There is plenty to do here for the active and it’s a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts and hikers. Divers like to come here too and there are some wrecks to explore on the lake bottom.

Camping In Michigan

The nighttime spectacle of the Northern Lights is a common sight. There are various campsites to choose from, including Rock Harbour, which has the most amenities and has showers and toilets.

Chippewa Harbour is a good choice for fishermen. Chickenbone East is one of the most basic and campers have to hike to the nearest water supply.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan is another leave no trace area for camping in Michigan. Campers however are very welcome. It is open in winter, when it’s possible to go snowshoe hiking and cross-country skiing.

Camping In Michigan

Horseback riding is allowed in some areas and the site is accessed by car, bus or plane. The area is made up of the mainland and two islands with huge sand dunes and inland lakes. It’s ideal terrain for waterfowl such as Canada Geese and Loons.

Camping in Michigan doesn’t get any better than at the Valley View or White Pine sites on the mainland. There are also several campgrounds on the islands.


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