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Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance is a Necessity When You Travel Abroad

There are numerous reasons to get travel health insurance and other types of travel insurance packages when you travel abroad.

One of the top reasons is that there are many ways to get sick in other countries and if you want to get good medical treatment, you will need to make sure you have enough money to get you back home.

What if you need to be airlifted from a remote place to a major city while on vacation? This is very expensive but you could die if you don’t get good medical attention immediately in some situations. Getting picked up by a helicopter is included in many of the top travel health insurance packages that you can buy.

Travel insurance packages can include flight insurance, which will cover you when you are actually in the air or in the aircraft. If the plane goes down and blows up on the tarmac, your named beneficiary will be able to collect the death benefit from the insurance company that issued the travel insurance.

The most common way to purchase travel health insurance and other types of travel protection packages are at the airport. There are usually manned or un-manned kiosks near the gates that sell the insurance.

Even if no attendant is there, you can still fill out the application form, keep a copy for your records and drop it into the collection box before you board the plane itself. The insurance kicks into effect the moment you put the envelope with the application into the secure box.

You put your flight number on the application and state the estimated number of days that your trip will take and you are done and ready for your trip.

Travel insurance also covers you in case your plane is delayed or your scheduled flight is cancelled, or in case you need to change travel plans at the last minute. The insurance will then protect you by paying any differences in ticket prices.

Some limitations apply so you need to read the fine print on the contract. The same travel insurance package covers not only travel health insurance needs but also will reimburse you in case your luggage gets lost or is delayed in arriving when you get to your destination.

If you need to buy some replacement clothing, travel insurance will usually pay for it, up to a certain amount.

Travel Guard is one of the most reliable and well-known travel insurance companies and they have been providing travel health insurance to travellers for many years now.

Their package of benefits includes emergency transportation and prescription drugs as well as surgery and extended hospital stays in other countries while you are travelling. Travel Guard has different levels of coverage packages available and they vary in price as well as features and benefits.

Check out Travel Guard at www.travelguard.com. This is a very informative website with lots of travel tips and advice as well as lists of handy phone numbers for embassies and other aid for Americans travelling abroad.

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