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No Garden Should Be Without Azaleas Azaleas are a large, diverse group of flowering shrubs with single and double blooms in many shades of white, purple, red, pink or orange. Most bloom from early to late spring with a few extending later into the growing season.

For many people, it’s not officially spring until they turn on the TV and see the azaleas that bloom each April at the Augusta National Country Club in Georgia – the site of the Masters professional golf tournament.… Read More

Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae)

Bleeding Heart Plants – Perfect residents for the shady spots in your garden The Bleeding heart plant is native to Asia, grown for both its lovely, delicate foliage and striking, unusual flowers. It is an old-fashioned herbaceous perennial that thrives in growing zones 3-9. Here we’ve got an overview, with tips on the care of this charming shade garden plant.… Read More

Miniature Roses

Growing Miniature Roses at Home If you’re someone who can go completely nuts over a little baby or a puppy simply because they seem like such small and innocent versions of the regular-sized thing, you’ll complete fall in love with growing miniature roses.

It’s hard to look at one of these tiny things that look exactly as beautiful, as detailed and as complete as a rose and not lose your heart to it.… Read More


Gardening and Growing Flowers Should be Easy! If you are looking for easy flowers to grow, start by looking in your own front yard during the spring. No matter where you live, chances are there are a few hardy spring wildflowers blooming on the lawn right under your nose.

Maybe there are a couple of vibrant violets among the grass stems or some wild baby’s breath growing where you least expect it.… Read More


Planting for a Wonderful Scented Garden Gardens can be truly multi-sensory experiences. Not only do they look beautiful, they can smell great too. Few things can put you in touch with how beautiful nature is as can padding barefoot through your garden filled with beautiful fragrant flowers and plants. Did you always think that scented candles on your porch was really a classy way to enjoy a quiet evening on your patio?… Read More