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Travel Secrets for the Airport Security Checkpoint

People who travel for a living know that there are certain travel secrets that when used properly will save them time and stress when vacationing or taking any kind of trip.

Some of these travel secrets are really just using your common sense. But you know what they say about common sense: it’s not all that common.

Travelling anywhere by plane these days means having to go through the dreaded airport security checkpoint. If you have ever been held up by someone who keeps the scanner beeping repeatedly you know how annoying it can be to the rest of the weary travellers standing in line behind them. You can avoid this by doing a few simple things when you plan your trip.

The first is to always wear slip on shoes (loafers are best) or sandals if it is warm enough. Since terrorists try anything these days, everyone has to take off their shoes and run them separately through the scanner.

Don’t wear a belt if you can avoid it, as they are hard to put on again after you have gone through the security checkpoint.

Don’t keep change in your pockets or anything else with metal on it or in it. It is easier to put these things into the top pouch of your carry on suitcase, which you have to put through the conveyor belt anyway. You can also put these things and your cell phone and keys into the side pocket of your laptop briefcase.

If possible, why not trade your old, heavy laptop for a newer lightweight model. There are some very lightweight laptops these days. This will make your time at the security checkpoint that much less and save you some wear and tear on your arms and shoulders.

Another of the travel secrets at the airport security checkpoint is to make sure not to have any liquids on you or in your travel case.

If you do have some like shampoo, make sure that they are in those little tiny bottles that you get at hotels. Those are great and perfectly sized so I always nab a few of them from the housekeeping cart when I stay at hotels.

If you are going somewhere and staying for less than a week, you really should consider taking only a carry on suitcase and no additional check-in luggage.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for some travellers like musicians or surfers because they need to bring their guitars or surfboards with them wherever they usually go.

All this can make your passage through the airport much faster and more comfortable, not only for you but for all of your fellow passengers.

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